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Gig bags

As I’m getting ready for a series of road trips, I thought I make my first blog about gig bags. Forever in search of the perfect balance of weight and protection, I spent my time at the recent Anaheim NAMM trade show browsing the various options. My principal case for travel with my signature Martin OM28LJ has been an Accord with a Colorado Case Company cover. Half the weight of a conventional flight case and with cover, it masquerades as a gig bag for boarding the airplane. I’m still motivated to reduce the weight though. I have given my In Case bags to my daughter Ilsey – cool products, but that company is no longer doing guitar bags.

Reunion Blues – I have some of their cool leather gig backs going back to the late 70’s. I have one each of their recent Continental Electric and Acoustic bags.

Pros – the Continental is likely the best hard/soft case on the market. I’ve baggage-checked my Les Paul in one with no qualms. Cons – a bit bulky and the acoustic bag sits too high on my back. Their ‘fit and finish’ is always remarkable.

Mono Cases – I’m impressed with their approach using ABS panels. It creates a less-bulky form factor with decent protection and some adequately protected storage pockets- I’d be OK gate-checking it if the dread ‘no room in the overhead bin’ syndrome kicks in. More utilitarian than stylish. I’m going to road test it over the next few months.

That’s it for now.